Moon Cookie

I want to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous Mid-Autumn Moon Day. Yesterday, the University was abuzz in celebration, especially at night. I went to a buffet dinner with some student friends of mine who had been invited by an adminstrator that couldn’t come. Of course, the English Language Center (ELC) forgot to even mention it to me so I, in fact, did not have a ticket for the event but I managed to get in anyway. Afterwards, I strolled around seeing lots of students holding their glowing paper lanterns. Many students went to their hometown gatherings, meaning they went to celebrate the traditions they knew best with those students from their hometown. I am stuffed with mooncake. Every year I am reminded how rich and filling they are. The local variety here is large but also quite greasy and overly sweet. One could say the variety tastes rather German.


3 thoughts on “Moon Cookie”

  1. The moon festival is in full swing here in Cambodia too, even though the holiday has a slightly different religious context. Me and my neighbor Sarin forgot to put mooncakes out last night, so I made up for it by eating enough for the two of us this morning. I have to say, though, baked goods in general are not a high point of Khmer cuisine.

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