Dinner Table Education

Some good college articles that can provoke some dinner-table discussion:

Students Receive Fewer A’s, and Princeton Calls It Progress
This article reports on curbing grade inflation by telling teachers to hand out fewer A’s. Here in China, the English Language Center teachers are told grade as close to the bell curve as possible. The adminstration computes statistics on the matter for the teachers every semester, so one teacher told me. My inquiries about meeting test score goals and pressure to pass kids was met with a mixed feelings. One English teacher said that other departments play with the weight of assignments in order to pass kids.

Many Women at Elite Colleges Set Career Path to Motherhood
This article outlines how surveyed Ivy League girls are planning to give up careers for motherhood at some point while using their college degrees in the short term. I would want feedback from SF University High School student Elena Butler on this one.


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