Read It and Weep (for joy!)

Today, I’d like to thank those who read this blog (web log) both with my knowledge or without my knowledge. I genuinely do appreciate you taking the time to read about my adventures and observations here in China. I realize that while this site serves as a journal for me, it also serves as a window into a different world for others.

While blogging is not new for many readers here, some are quite new to this genre of writing and online information. I am no expert but I encourage you to make the most of the world of blogging. There are some fantastic sources of information to be found in blogs. I list some of my favorite professional ones in my sidebar along with some personal contacts.

One way to take advantage of reading all these blogs is to get an aggregator or newsreader application. It maximizes the efficiency of reading a lot of blogs by bringing them all together in one central location. You can read everything from one page instead of jumping around to you favorite sites from bookmarks or from memory. The technology (RSS – Really Simple Syndication and ATOM) is increasingly mainstream with Google and Yahoo both rolling out services within the last several months.

So how’s it work? Well, that’s where those little buttons at the bottom of my blue sidebar (to your right!) come in…

  1. Sign up for an aggregator/newsreader service. Some are free (Yahoo’s MyYahoo, Google’s Personalized Homepage, CNET’s Newsburst, MSN’s MyMSN, Newsgator, Bloglines) and some charge small fees. I recommend a free aggregator unless you are a hardcore news fanatic.
  2. Subscribe to my blog by clicking on the appropriate feed button (according to your aggregator) or using the XML address (click “XML” and copy the URL into your aggregator/newsreader’s “add feed/stream/source” input area).
  3. Add other people’s blogs or sites (almost all news sites have this capability) by doing the same thing anywhere you see an orange “XML” button or an “ATOM” button or your aggregator’s button.

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