Mandarin 101

I happened upon another discovery of sorts today. I found Mandarin 101 for English Foreign Teachers. Conveniently enough, I had been left out of the loop as I had been for the Autumn Moon Festival party. So, I happily joined the class that meets twice a week to work on basic conversational/useful Manadarin.

I must say, teachers often don’t make the best students. The class was a bit dry with only a few speaking up with questions so, I decided to make the following a bit more “loose.” We went over two lessons: “Introducing Yourself” and “Politness” (sic).

  • “Wo shi mei guo ren” – I am a tall white person from a country that consumes too much of the world’s energy and likes to be a bully
  • “Hen Hao” – Aite, Good
  • “Ni lai zi na yi ge guo jia?” – Where you hail from?
  • “Wo lai zi zhong guo” – Outsourcing Central or where all your American jobs are going
  • “Qing jiang ma dian. Wo bu dong ni de hua. ” – Slow yourself down. I don’t get you.
  • “Dui bu qi” – My bad
  • “Wo xi huan ni” – Love ya like a brother
  • “Zai jian” – Peace out

Okay, so the translations aren’t exactly right, and I’m missing all the pinyin accents because I can’t type them on the blog. Oh well, at least you can throw that around Chinatown (not San Francisco chinatown, though).