Weekly Zest

I’ve been incredibly busy this week with a lot of administrative work. On Wednesday, I met with the English Festival (EF) committee chairs. Pippin is part of the EF along with the really-big-serious-deal-in-China Speech Contest and the really-just-for-fun-karaoke Singing Contest. They happily cut the formerly-known-as-Talent-Quest Variety Show so I won’t have much competition. Everything was rather polite and preliminary.

I had a budgeting meeting on Thursday with administrator Sun-man Tseng. We finally got some figures down for individual items including costuming, set construction, outside experts, rehearsal hour usage, publicity, props, etc. I walked out of the meeting with Rain, my administrative contact and all-around go-to person, and she said, “Woah, that’s a big budget.” Well, I sure as heck don’t do things small. While the meeting was very important and useful, I had this weird feeling the whole time because I knew we would make none of the costs up in selling tickets because the performances are free. I suppose that means we need to make up the value in human experience and future know-how. I have to remember that I should be more teacher than director or producer.

Throughout the week, I meet with the student costume designers. They seem very eager but I have not reached the right rapport with them. I like the chorus costumes so far. It has a nice Chinese zest to it!

Today, I met with a group of kids from a local primary school. I want to select one of them for the role of Theo in Pippin. They all seem very energetic and eager to learn so I must choose on the basis of the English abilities. I’ve narrowed it down to Sandy the Short, Baxter the Tall, and Tom the Big (Tom has chosen to name himself after Tom Sawyer). Which one will I choose?

Lastly, believe it or not, I must talk about one of the final chapters in my licensing woes. After over a month, I know the scripts and scores are in Shantou, somewhere. The beauties of the FedEx tracking site puts the package of the blessed materials on campus sometime tomorrow. Amen.