Rehearsal #3

I completed my third rehearsal today, and things are progressing. While I managed to get most of the cast away from saying the name of the show as “Pimpin,” we are a bit dead in the water when it comes to working directly on the show. With a week long break coming up, I felt it useless to push for blocking and choreography until we get back because students will forget. So, I opted for teaching a lot of acting skills through acting exercises. I also primed them for blocking by practicing stage directions, angles, and levels. They understand a lot of what I have been teaching, for the most part. I’ve kept it very light and fun though so that I can ease them into the process of putting together a show. Some things are awfully hard because unlike UHS or other theatre groups, this group of actors are all newbies. There isn’t a handful of folks who can help lead through experience. I have to give all the instructions and demonstrate the exercise well.

Below are some photos from this morning’s rehearsal. Many more photos from the rehearsal can be found on my Flickr.