Home Cooked
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Back in Phnom Penh, Trent spent yesterday getting back into the “regular life.” He went back to Khmer lessons which he takes four hours a day. Now, that is the way to study a language! No wonder my Mandarin sucks…I only have class twice a week! I must pause to say how amazed I am at Trent’s Khmer skills. While he likes to hide behind his modesty, Trent is quite good for only having been here five weeks or so.

The Khmer people Trent meets seem delighted as well to hear a foreigner attempt a difficult language. Those in the tourist industry (moto drivers, waitresses, and others) are sometimes taken aback when their English “Hello” is returned with Trent’s Khmer “Sok Sobay.” The Khmer people are genuinely interested in helping Trent learn. Trent doesn’t miss an opportunity to practice either. He really is quite busy learning, practicing, and using his Khmer.

Trent and I managed to go to the market too to pick up some goods for a meal or two. We managed to squeeze a lunch meal out of reasonable quality (although Trent did say he would prefer if we didn’t cook meat in his house…). See above for the result!

In the afternoon, we went for bubble tea at a hip asian joint. We realized that Mandarin in a Khmer accent doesn’t make for good conversation comprehension as we tried to decipher the waitresses’ Mandarin. We ate dinner at a fast and furious Khmer place near Trent’s house. Khmer noodles are tasty, for your information.