Wat Are You Doing?

Master Teacher
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On Monday, we again frequented the delightful “Master Suki Soup” for breakfast before heading again to Wat Atwear. We were greeted by Ham (Hans) and the master teacher (shown) for the holiday ceremonies honoring one’s ancestors. It was the last day of this festival so many people were visiting the wat. Master teacher led the instrumental group for awhile before retiring to taking part in the ceremony which includes getting a bowl of rice and placing a spoonful of that rice into various dishes in a serving line (well reverse serving line, in this case). People were cloaked in white, the appropriate color for the event as well. Ham’s aunt (who we met the other day, at the house) offered Trent and me the use of some bowls and rice so we could get in on the action. We thanked the master teacher before leaving.

Trent and I packed up and got on the bus back to Phnom Penh. The six hour bus ride gave me time to sleep and Trent time to practice more Khmer. Traffic in the last several kilometers (’cause that’s what measurements they use here) extended our bus ride time to 6 or so hours. Ouch.

I managed to convince Trent that I had to have Japanese food that night so he took me to an empty Japanese place where I savored the flavors so uncommon in Shantou.


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  1. Ok, Ryan…that was, seriously, one of the worst puns ever…”wat are you doing?” I mean…you seem to be a little rusty.

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