Philanthropy in Brief

The Summerbridge teacher in me loves the organization DonorsChoose. I sometimes give birthday presents through the organization which “links donors and teachers to supply public school students with everything from school supplies to money for field trips,” says Stephanie Strom of the New York Times. And now, it has a few extra coins in the piggy bank as it has won the Nonprofit Innovation Award sponsored by With a matching grant from Amazon, DonorsChoose made a cool $1.58 million, a good portion of which will go to help rebuild Katrina-hit schools.

In other philanthropic news, Goggle Earmarks $265 Million for Charity and Social Causes. Well, thank goodness because that whole world poverty thing was getting out of hand…oh, and environmental degredation too (maybe they can talk to some MiddKids about that since the school is all green like spinach)


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