News in Brief

Classes in Chinese Grow as the Language Rides a Wave of Popularity – New York Times
This is yet another article on how Americans are (and should be) learning Chinese while the Chinese are learning English. Whatever happens, just don’t drop french because even if it may be not so useful, it’s so fun to learn compared to other languages. In fact, Shantou University has just started an experimental course in teaching French. Pierre and Pilaar, China is beckoning you to come teach here…

Teenagers Star in the Story of Their Lives, Painful Details and All – New York Times
Well I’ll be damned, this sounds a lot like THE FUSE: a chain reaction except someone went out and auditioned a whole lot more kids for the roles. The show is set in Vermont? I would think city kids would know a bit more about writing about an “urban” setting. George Watsky, it’s time to take the show on the road while you still got the time.

Going for Cozy Glamour in San Francisco
– New York Times
I really want to see it for myself! After all, it’s quoted here as “a notch below perfection” (I think we should take that as a compliment…).