“That’s Why I Need Your Help”

This gives me hope for this show:

Dear Ryan,

I’m Daniel. I really know how bad I did in practising the chorous. But I don’t think I can’t do it well, because Mr. Liu never gave me confidence and he just expected we should do it perfect at the beginning, which makes me nervous and scare me. So when I wanted to sing it right, unfortunately, I found it even worse.

Actually, I appreciate him very much because he still want me to do it well.

So, If it is possible, would you arrange the extra time for me to improve my singing skills? and I hope you can teach me. Just teach me how to repeat the notes from the piano, because I don’t want to waste other guys’ time for waiting me to sing right the notes, especially Mr. Liu’s time. I don’t want to do the same stupid mistakes again and again, that’s why I need your help.

Best wishes,
yours truly,


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