Birds of a Feather, Flock Together

Normally, I don’t quite consider myself an early adopter of technology. I usually jump into things that get good press after a core group of users make a product widely accessable. For instance, my forrays into tech recently have been: flickr and skype, both of which got bought out by big companies.

Today, I went the early adopter route and gave a new product a test run: Flock. Okay, I’ll admit it, I just wanted to try this web browser because I enjoy their product name. It’s based on the Mozilla Firefox platform but attempts to add some functionality, mostly for bloggers. I was intrigued by the blogging tools but was ultimately unable to set up my account using what appears to be a fine tool to tightly integrate browsing with blogging. Loading up my flickr was easy as apple pie, though because all I needed to do was type in my username and voila, my pictures appeared. Flock also perfectly supports direct bookmarking (or favorites as Flock will call it) to, a “social bookmarking” tool which is becoming more popular.

So far, I am keeping my Firefox but Flock’s worth a whirl if just to see it’s pretty buttons.