Days of Yester: The DeYoung

This is a picture from the closing of the DeYoung Museum on December 3rd, 2001. If you look closely, I am in the front row (second from the left) with a bunch of San Francisco Boys Chorus kids (I was quite big at this point, on the very tail end of my SFBC work…not the little choir boy of yore). I actually remember quite vividly that performance that day. It was incredibly crowded and loud in Herbst Hall. We had a holding room where we sat for a long, long time drinking the water provided and reading the extensive program. I remember viewing some of the art in the hallway near the holding room and being led down the long hallways only to sing with most people not taking much notice. I suppose the Chronicle took notice because even their article published today includes a line or two about the chorus performing.

Too bad I wasn’t there to celebrate the re-opening! I definitely want to see the transformation for myself upon my arrival back in SF.