Blogs Without Boundaries

Rarely do I like to talk about this blog on my blog. I figure it’s one thing to even have a self-promoting, snooty blog so why hit people over the head with it again with a post that just talks about how great the blog is. So forgive me as I indulge today.

I received an email of one Amy Eldridge of Love Without Boundaries (headquartered in what appears to be Edmond, Oklahoma), a non-profit working with orphaned children around the world. Coincidently, they have a chapter here in Shantou, China. And even more amazingly, Amy by way of an internet search for all things Shantou, came upon my humble blog. She found it irrisistable to request that some of her older orphaned children in Shantou come see my production of Pippin here at Shantou University.

Sure, I can do that. I invited the older children to come see the preview performance of Pippin on Tuesday, December 6th. And all of this comes from some director’s blog complaining about the troubles of finding a choreographer? Heh, I guess good things come from blogging.