Licensing Tech, Musicals, the World

A few days ago, I posted on how the folks here at Shantou University only know Microsoft products. CNET’s recently published an article on how China is attempting to move away from purely Microsoft to open source.

As part of the World Trade Organization, China can no longer continue to use pirated Microsoft software in its government offices. So, they’re going Linux…

Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure every student and teacher at this University has Microsoft Office. I’m also pretty sure that they are all un-licensed copies of Office. Students here would never have the money to buy real copies of the software. Some students, like my graphic designer and publicity coordinator, even have high-end graphics suites from Adobe and Flash suites from Macromedia. Students here know that the software is pirated but do not care, for the most part. They seem to think that the software should be cheap and content free when it comes to movies and music downloaded online.

That’s probably why licensing a musical was such a strange concept when I first proposed it in August.