Chinese Chess, The Epic

I played Chinese Chess today in somewhat of a impromptu game with Pippin band member, Warren. I haven’t played in many years. I quickly relearned the game but occasionally had to ask which pieces could go where.

The game involves similar piece movements to traditional chess with pawns, rooks, knights, a king, etc. My favorite are the “elephant” pieces that move two squares diagonally. There are some more complicated rules with the additon the ability to skip and not skip over pieces. Nevertheless, the main objective is the same as regular chess: trap the king so he must surrender.

I enjoyed myself. Many students and passer-bys came to watch our epic game between the white guy who can speak Chinese, and the Chinese (-looking) guy (me) who can’t speak Chinese. My favorite was this old guru of sorts who came over to help me since I was struggling with remembering where the pieces could go.

By the way, I won. Beginner’s luck? or do I have a career ahead of me?