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With the number of my days here at Shantou University dwindling, I want to spend a week answering some of your burning questions about China, Shantou, the University, Pippin, etc. Feel free to submit questions as comments to this post or email questions here.

The first question comes from Jon Shia of University College London. He writes:

Given the impossibility of my actually attending a performance of Pippin, will there be a DVD available? Because after reading about all of your work for so many months, I’d like to see the end result.

The performance will be videotaped with two cameras from different angles on two separate nights. I don’t know about a DVD but perhaps a low-quality version may be put up online in Windows Media Player or Real format. Obviously, the production work for the film will have to be done once I leave the University so getting a physical copy to bring back home immediately may be a bit difficult.

The second question comes from Lorna Strand of San Francisco University High School. She writes:

When will you open this memorable peice of theatrical wonderment [Pippin]?

Pippin has two performances on December 8th and December 11th at 7PM and 2PM respectively. There is a private preview performance on December 7th as well as a “Meet the Press” engagement on the 5th.


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