Home Sweet Home (Sorta)

Elena Butler of SF University High School asks:

What do you miss most about San Francisco / the U.S.?

I miss San Francisco’s diversity culture — pretty much the flavor of the city. As interesting as it is to be a foreigner living and learning about a different culture. Here in Shantou, it is a singular culture that I see everyday. In San Francisco, one can see the cross sections of many cultures all the time. This is best evidenced by food. There simply isn’t much variety in cuisine here. Sure, there are a few places (one Japanese restaurant, a wine and cheese shop, etc.) sprinkled throughout the city but I truly miss being able to walk down the street and have five very different choices for lunch. Perhaps I’m missing the type of variety that is here: regional cuisine within China could be seen as different types of food. However, the difference isn’t large enough for me.

There is not much I miss about the U.S. because I can find most comforts of home here (for a fraction of the cost, most of the time). My quality of life here at Shantou University is quite good as well. Some folks say that people go to Europe to learn about America. Well, I guess one cannot apply that to going to Asia since I haven’t learned a lot about America since I’ve left.

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  1. Hey Ryan. I guess it’s my turn to ask one now:

    So you’ve got about a week before the big opening. How do you plan to spend your time between now and then? Any last minute areas to work on with the cast? Technical trainwrecks to sort out? Do you plan to threaten to cancel the opening? 😉

    Hope you’re enjoying yourself and that all is going more or less well. Stay sane. I’ll have my fingers crossed for you,


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