Let There Be Light

Lo and behold, I walk into the theater this morning to be greeted by a lighting board. I thought, “dang, they shipped it overnight from Guangzhou…” But I soon found out that the theater was holding out on us. It was an “old” light board (they said 3-4 years old…) from the era before they installed moving lights in the Great Hall. We plugged it in and it worked! Amen.

For every victory, there was a stunning defeat. Not all the channels in the theater work so we had to manually test 192 channels to see if we could even plug a light in. When we finally plugged a light in, the students made great progress in hanging and gelling (putting color in to) the lights. However, we soon discovered that the ends of the plugs and the sockets were different (15 amp vs. 30 amp). When we finally got all the light plugs figured out, we realized that the theater had no Genie (an industry term for a cherry picker machine that can lift an individual up to focus lights way above the stage floor)! At that point, Claudia Chan, the lighting designer almost lost it. She could not believe that we had no way to focus the lights. Alas, we figured out that the theater has moveable scaffolding that could reach the lights. We assembled the scaffolding and began focusing.

All that in 11 hours. What will tomorrow bring?


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