Christmas Spirit

On Wednesday, I finally made my exit from Shantou University, after a few goodbye parties and accumulated-stuff-from-my-apartment giveaways. It was a pretty quick two days after the final performance of Pippin. I am grateful for the flurry of positive feedback for the show both from outsiders and from those within the University. Students involved in the production had wonderful things to say to me upon my departure. The most touching comments were those that focused on the musical helping a student learn English or at least gain confidence in English.

I am quite relieved to be back in a large city. The winter chill, which I never have felt in Hong Kong before this trip, makes for quite the Christmas feel to it all. Hong Kong is awash in the Christmas spirit with lights out everywhere. It’s great to feel lost among the masses of the city again. It’s not that Shantou wasn’t a city, it that it’s missing the culture of a city. I have been reintroduced to variety in dining again. It helps that my mother is in Hong Kong to take me out to eat.

I will be returning to the U.S. early next week. Yay!