The Urban Dream Capsule

Two nights ago, I saw some great performance/reality/installation art in a local Hong Kong mall where I ate dinner. They call their project the Urban Dream Capsule. Four guys live in a enclosure for a month or so as they display their lives for shoppers to see. They “perform” all day by taking showers, communicating with on-lookers via whiteboard, and generally goofing around. When the mall closes, viewers can log on via webcam to watch the four.

I consider it the ultimate reality show. It’s a lot of fun, and I don’t have real concerns about it because it’s billed as a performance. The four guys are making people happy with their performance. The “free” art is funded by the mall which tries to get people to shop at their location.



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  1. Hi Ryan – I had to tell you that a few years ago there was a performance art event in downtown Santiago, Chile, with the same idea. A performance artist (female) lived in a glass house right down the street from the stock market for maybe a month. She only had privacy on the toilet. People, especially 14-year old boys, would line up and hope for her to shower. When it was happening I tried to imagine how it would go over in downtown San Francisco. Despite its traditional Catholicism, Chile can be quite the vanguard in art!
    I’m so happy for you tha the show was such a success. I’m sure you’ll share a video or two with us! Come to the Holiday Reunion if you’re back in SF on December 21. -Holly

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