I Am Home

I am home!

It feels just a little strange returning to San Francisco and the picturesque victorian on the hill. In many ways, it feels as if I am returning from a business trip but things are slightly altered. Albeit strange to me, I am getting used to the fact that life went on without me while I was in China. My father bought a car to fit the Mango, the dog. My mother installed a new kitchen sink and got a fake tree for the first time. The store up the block, American Pie, is no longer there replaced by a sleak boutique selling more yuppie home furnishings or something.

When I left home, I took a snapshot of what I saw around me and expected it all to be the same when I came back after a quick trip. But it’s not the same. I suppose that is what happens when one moves away from such a grounded life environment, even if for just a few months. I was born and raised in San Francisco. That’s 19 years of my life. Maybe I should be finding a new place to call “home.”


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  1. welcome home. i’m sure yu’re going to appreciate your blog posts from china a lot looking back on them…i know i do when il ook back at my posts from Zurich. Say hi to my brother at Midd next semester if you see him!

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