The Day After

Ah, tis the season for shopping. I hate shopping, but I went bright and early on Monday morning (the day after Christmas) with the family. Most stores are zoos. The “ultra-hardcore,” as I call them, line up outside the doors for the first dash into the store. They time the store openings so that they can attend multiple openings. Some of the best Pacific Heights mothers use their smarts to attain this “ultra-hardcore” status. I estimate that they must park their Mercedes station wagons (the mini-van kid/dog mover for the upper class) at approximately 8AM in preparation for the days events.

The second tier shoppers are what I call the “smart and scared” crowd. They get up early because they are deathly afraid of crowds but still want to cash in on the bargains. So, they come in the flux time between the “ultra-hardcores” and the masses. They don’t ever wait in line for a store opening but get in and out as fast as possible.

The third tier shopper are “masses.” They straggle in around 10 or 11, after prep-ing themselves at home with a big breakfast. They get some good deals, eat lunch at 2PM, and shop until 5PM. They feel tired but satisfied at the end of the day.

The Winners:
Most crazed store on Dec. 26th: Gump’s (a.k.a. everything you never needed for a Pacific Heights home).

Most civilized crowd: Burberry (they only allow a certain number of people in the store at one time)

Most worthless: Macy‘s Holiday Leftovers (wrapping paper, ornaments, giant santas)

Most likely store to find Geoff Shaw of School Council President of SF University High School: Brooks Brothers

Least amount of things actually on sale: Ferragamo

Most Diverse Shopping Population: Banana Republic

Most Interesting Sight: Giant Menorah in Union Square


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