The iPod is Doomed

The iPod is doomed – CNET
I happen to agree with Sun Microsystems CEO McNealy on this one. While the iPod is all the rage now, people are going to want integration of their multiple electronic devices. Who wants to carry a cell phone, camera, iPod, PDA, keys, USB drive, and a wallet. I suffer the frustration of this every day. But the reality of one devices that does everything well is not here yet. Even devices that come close like the Palm Treo or Blackberry are too expensive for most of the market.

Cell phones throughout Asia already serve to integrate the music player, PDA, USB drive, camera, and sometimes even the wallet. When I was in China, I saw very few stand-alone mp3 players.


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  1. I’m sorry to say this, but you sound like my father. He refuses to buy any new electronic device until he can get an MP3 player, PDA, USB drive, cell phone, and GPS device all in one. Also, he expects this to be a watch of some sort that also tells the temperature and the altitude.

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