Going to Cambodia?

Why Is Everybody Going to Cambodia? – NYT
Not only did I go this fall to visit UHS classmate Trent Walker, but my mother went in December with her friends too. The country really is beautiful and full of color. The Times article goes over the revolution in luxury hotels (I stayed very near the Hotel de la Paix which Trent and I stopped into) and rapid modernization (at least for tourist purposes) but I don’t think the country is losing any “culture” because of the increased traffic. It’s quite the opposite. Tourism and an increase in money (for now) are giving the country a chance to examine their past more closely and bring back much of what was lost during the Khmer Rouge era. Ultimately, I saw only part of what Matt Gross sees in this depiction of Cambodia (for instance, Trent and I stopped into the Dead Fish Tower for a drink one night) but the most accurate point Gross makes is that the Cambodian people are very kind and nice .