Superbowl Sunday Commercials

Superbowl Sunday is many things to many people. It is the second largest eating event of the year (first prize goes to Thanksgiving) for Americans — a great thing for chip-makers like Frito-Lay. It is the most watched television event of the year — a great thing for the ABC network which produced the game this year. It is a giant captive audience for commercials — a great thing for companies that want to blow that huge advertising budget.

Here are my awards for the commercials (most of which can be found on Google Video here):

Best Musical Commercial: Ford Escape Hybrid – Kermit Says It Is Easy Being Green (I love Kermit the Frog)
WTF: Go Daddy (They want to you to log on to their site to find out that they sell domain names)
Best Beer Commercial: Michelob Amber: Touch Football (As manly as it gets?)
Most Non-Male Oriented: Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty (Men all over the U.S. had to put up with a little heart tugging)
Slap in the Face for Employees: United Airlines: Dragon ($5 Million for one minute when the company just came out of backruptcy?…even if it is a well conceived ad)

My favorite Ameriquest commercials (“Quick to Judge”) cannot be found on Google Video. But here is a good one from FedEx (hint I would be the one saying “not my problem”):


One thought on “Superbowl Sunday Commercials”

  1. One time, in elementary school, second grade, I had to sing “It’s Not Easy Being Green” for the school show. I had to wear a frog costume, including a head with big googly eyes, in front of the entire school and all the parents, by myself, and sing that song. But, I was the only one to have a solo. Please don’t share this embarrassing story with anyone else.

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