I Made It!

Bi Hall
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After months of waiting, I made it to Middlebury College. I was expecting blizzard conditions upon arrival but things were lovely (dare I say warm) until late yesterday when a snow storm passed through and turned the above field into a white blanket.

Things are very busy with orientation. I hate organized “activities” because it makes it feel like summer camp (and I’m the camper). However, I know the hand holding fluff will end soon enough. By then, I’ll miss it, I’m sure.

I have a million bits and pieces of Midd’s orientation to blog about so come back soon to hear more.


3 thoughts on “I Made It!”

  1. you and your hating. so what if us experimentalites decided to peace out for a couple days?
    anywho – enjoy the snow. its 15 degrees right now.

  2. You haven’t lived until you’ve survived a nor’easter, which is a blizzard with conditions beyond your comprehension, I’m sure. Things are pretty nasty in the city right now, but I’m loving it.

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