Second Bell

I went to my final class today: Intermediate Theory Microeconomics. The first thing the teacher says is, “This class is hard. I teach to the mathematical side of economics. You will fall flat on your face if you cannot get over the math of this course.” Well, seeing as I fumbled my way through the prerequisite course of Calculus I (or AB) in high school, I wasn’t exactly feeling confident after what the teacher had to say. He put a bunch of things up on the board and told us that if we understood, we’d do fine. I understood but now I am still thinking of opting out of the course for my first semester.

I now am looking at switching into:
MATH 121A Calculus I – The school claims that students that took Calc I in high school cannot and should not take this course because they’ve essentially already taken it. However, I know several of my classmates that are doing just that. I’d rather review material I didn’t get so well the first time and do it right to be prepared for future courses in the Econ field that depend on this requirement. Yes, it may be a waste of a semester but hey, I need to ease my way back into the world of academia.

THEA 102A Acting I – This would replace the philosophy course I raved about in the previous post. I simply feel I need to be grounded my first semester here and acting would be a course to do just that. It will get my mind and body in the shape it should be in to “make it” here at school.

So I’m playing things a little slower than I planned. I have an overwhelming desire to dive in but I feel I could be over my head quickly seeing as I haven’t been in school for the last 8 months (plus any senioritis months second semester senior year in high school). I’m hopeful my more thought-out plan will get me going in the right direction.


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  1. yeah thats what they told us about MA121 at Colby, and let me tell you, Deandre taught us well…so well in fact that you’ll most likely ace your tests and quizzes without needing to study! But it was nice review anyway. I took MA121, and if Middlebury’s math courses progress the same as ours, you’d be glad you took it. MA122 is Series and Multivariable Calc, which relies a lot on knowledge gained from 121, and the professors assume that you took all your calc from that. :-

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