Nacht Musique

I’ve spent the last few days in a marathon of auditions at Middlebury College. There are a number of a cappella groups on campus, and I auditoned for all of them that I could (the all-female ones didn’t want me for some reason): the Mamajamas (co-ed), the Dissipated Eight (D-8)(all-male), the Bobolinks (co-ed), and Stuck in the Middle (all male). I didn’t audition for all of them because my ego is outrageous enough to think I could get into all four but I wanted to keep my options open. I got callbacks for all the groups but I ended up getting into the Bobolinks and Stuck in the Middle. D-8 ended up not taking anyone, and Mamajamas declined as well but took some good girls. I am making a decision right now but these groups seem somewhat cultish so I feel like I should make the right decision…

I also auditioned for the classical faculty-led Chamber Singers. I was accepted to the group but I cannot join as there are an overabundance of basses (and not enough tenors). Maybe I’ll wait until next year but maybe not. I think folks here at the college need to realize that if students don’t get into activities from the pretty early on in their college careers, they could be “lost” forever to other activities. I feel that way about an acting class I was shut out of. If I don’t do acting this semester, it could very well mean I get involved in something else and don’t do acting for the rest of my time here. Anyway, Mt. Ayres, student madrigal group, accepted me so I can probably still fulfill my classical music passions.