Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours

My computer has spent its last two nights with the faithful people at the Tech Help Desk in the Middlebury College library. A bunch of little problems are being dealt with even if I only went in to learn how to access the school servers. It’s still being worked on but I have faith it will return in good condition.

In other news, I have officially chosen Stuck in the Middle (SIM) to sing with this spring. This a cappella group is a fun, funky, fresh, all-male a cappella group. I had a really tough time deciding between SIM and the Bobolinks. I went to a rehearsal of each to help me gauge the feels of the groups but walked away even more confused. It was awfully tempting to join the Bobolinks since they are recording this spring and have a strong gig schedule. The group has a real professional push with very focused rehearsals. I found their orginazation and mobilization to be superb as well not to mention a very strong music talent (especially their leader, Tim).

But I realized that I don’t need to record to have a meaningful a cappella experience. Ultimately, it’s about the music and the people. I like SIM because it’s music is somewhat older and more melodic as compared to the Bobolinks’ modern remakes of pop songs. SIM has a greater need for me as well, with only two other basses. The Bobolinks took three other February Freshmen including one other bass.