Facebook Faceoff

Facebook.com linked the college and high school social networks today. That may be a “so what?” to a lot of people but that very well may cement it as the social networking site of choice and that is a big deal for millions of users (and advertisers looking to target those millions). Now, the spectrum of high schoolers and college students becomes continuous with a huge 14-25+ age group. MySpace.com, already known for having come in and out of style within the span of about six months, only has the niche edge in music and, maybe, video.

But why does this even matter? Social networking, while over-buzzed already, is an important aspect of what is termed Web 2.0. The interactivity of user-generated content is populating the internet intensely with the spread of blogs, podcasts, photo sharing, tagging, etc. Yahoo, in particular, is focusing on collecting this type of services to attract users.

Facebook is now even more of a force to be reckoned with. The question is where does it go from here? I think it is only a matter of time before it adds features in music and video as well as page customization to edge out other networking sites. It will stay true to its information-finding roots, though, and keep a clean page interface. No one wants to have to wade through yellow print on black background just to find out what your birthday is….


3 thoughts on “Facebook Faceoff”

  1. I have always found Facebook to be more aesthetically pleasing than Myspace. And you know I’m all about aesthetics.

  2. You’re definitely all about aesthetics, Jon; that’s why you should like this new blog too! Thank you for being kind enough to never tell me the design of my last one sucked.

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