Moving In?

After a day and a half of various technological mishaps, I have finally moved my blog to its new site: I am now hosting my own site on servers with opensource software. I migrated all my posts from to this site with varying success. I ended up having a lot of difficulties getting so many posts (300+) to the new site. I also managed to migrate the comments but some of the photo posts are a bit crazy with Flickr integration.

Anyway, I am glad to be finally hosting my own blog with a bit more sophistication. I have much more flexibility now, and I hope this will inspire me to pick up my rate of posting which has been lagging ever since I have arrived at Middlebury College.

Thanks for making the switch over. I will be adjusting this site over the next few days to add features. If you are receiving my blog via Real Simple Syndication (RSS), bear with me as I get all that straightened out.

Best Wishes,

Ryan Kellett


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