Dining In

A lot of complaints of college often surround dining. Schools have the challenge of feeding a lot of hungry mouths on a limited budget. The result, of course, is the quality of food is less than a french bistro in the 9th Arondissement in Paris. Here at Middlebury, I have had very little issue with the food. It is consistently quite delicious (if a little on the heavy side since it is winter). I also enjoy the fact that I can eat anything, anywhere, anytime, and as many times as I want. There are no cards to swipe, points to deduct, etc. Come here and walk in the dining halls and you will be fed.

There are three dining locations and each has its own feel:

Proctor: This feels like grandmother’s house with a homey atmosphere. While the entrees often undesirable, Proctor is known for its Panini-bar (i.e. make your own grilled sandwich, wrap, or other grilled treat). This means the Proctor is a prime place for lunch where the sandwich reigns supreme. Baked goods finish off a regular meal here too. Proctor brunch on Sunday is the other prime meal at this locale.

Ross: This is more like the traditional food court style with loads of pizza and lasagna. That said, Ross is the place to be for meat because roast beef, sirloin steak, chicken whatever, pork-y the pig, and thanksgiving turkey are daily occurances in one form or another. Ross is a good bet if you’re hungry and you need to fill up.

Atwater: This dining facility is most like a ski lodge located in Berkeley. It it the most aesthetically pleasing of the dining halls because it looks out onto snow covered trees but it also is the most adventurous in terms of food. “Ethnic” food is most often served here (to varying success) but the healthy options abound too. Finding a seat during rush hour is tough but it almost always is the best for the person of sophisticated taste.

I’ve never attended myself, but Middlebury also has its own student-run restaurant called, Dolci. It is apparently fun to work and eat there (I want to work there more than I want to eat there). Students have free-reign on designing menus and preparing the food. I don’t think anyone has gotten sick in all its years of existence.


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  1. i’m jealous too. our cafeteria is consistently mediocre. there are good restaurants in the neighborhood, but nothing is cheap and ive already paid a significant amout for campus food (and when i say “i”, i mean my parents). though, i guess that’s technically a sunk cost.

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