Jupiter String Quartet

Middlebury has had a whole bunch of classical performing groups come through recently. I missed the official concert of the Jupiter String Quartet so ended up watching the group play five student compositions on Thursday. While I’m not exactly a huge fan of string quartets (or non-vocal groups, for that matter), I found their performance really invigorating. It may stem from the fact that these musicians are young. They have extra life, energy, and vitality to make up for their slight lack of refinement.

But I was more impressed with the student composers. Working under professor Su Lian Tian (my Music Theory teacher), they did an outstanding job putting together works of music that are aesthetically pleasing and unique. Some of the pieces were a bit disjointed but, hey, I’m not expecting Wagner-esque theming abilities. Then again, they make good use of contrast and repetition. It made me want to become a composer for a split second.