Ski Helmets

Before I left for Middlebury, I visited Deer Valley in January for some fantastic skiing. I was reminded today, however, of just how dangerous skiing can be. While on that trip my ski-buddy/host Lainee Chen (aunt?…) introduced me to one of her friends, Kacey. Recently she was in a skiing accident where she hit a tree and saved only by the fact that she had a helmet on. I have never skied with a helmet but I am considering doing so in the future. While I don’t ski off-piste a whole lot, it may well be worth it to save your life. My best wishes go out to Kacey and her family.

Skiing here at Middlebury is a bit washed out as of late because of warmer temperatures. I actually have only been once to the “Snow Bowl,” as it’s called but it is a blast for a small East Coast mountain. Icy conditions prevail most of the season but I’ll take what I can get since Middlebury does own its own ski hill…


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  1. I have skied with a helmet for years now. You really should get one. Not only is it good for safety, but it keeps your head warm as well.

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