Costco Consumption

I went to Costco this morning with my Uncle. I love Costco like any good value-minded individual (read: Asian) should but I realized something while browsing the aisles today: I don’t need anything in that store. I don’t need their Brita filters, overpackaged basketballs, twenty-packs of gum, gallons of milk, nor cheap DVDs. I live fairly modestly at Middlebury (okay, so my parents pay a lot to go to this school so modest is a relative term) so my ecological footprint is amazingly small. I didn’t bring much to school, and I don’t buy much at school (minus books…the textbook industry is where the money is at). Part of college is reusing and borrowing from furniture to teapots. The most consumption I do at the college is food-based in the dining hall.

How big is your ecological footprint? What do you purchase and use? How much do you throw away?


2 thoughts on “Costco Consumption”

  1. (almost) all the money outside of textbooks that i’ve spent since getting to college so far has been on food.

    then again, i went to costco too a couple days ago, and i got a whole bunch of pies and churros just because they were super big…

  2. Oh my god, you do not want to play the what-do-you-purchase game with me. Unless you have about a month to spare.

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