Stern Grove

I get an email everyday from Middlebury‘s Career Services Office (CSO) asking: “Do you need a summer job?” Yes, I do. Using the CSO website, I’m supposed to search for jobs that fit my interests. Well, after a quick search on Craigslist, I found something that interested me more than half of the jobs posted on the CSO website.

I am applying to work at the Stern Grove Festival in San Francisco as a Media/Public Relations Intern. Stern Grove Festival is one of those summer concert favorites of families around the Bay Area. They bring all kinds of cool musicians in for free concerts! I once performed at Stern Grove with the San Francisco Boys Chorus in a joint concert with the San Francisco Girls Chorus. So, I’d be particularly psyched (should I get the job) to work at the amazing festival.

I don’t know if I could swing it, but being able to work SFBC camp on top of the Stern Grove job would be truly fantastic.