In addition to Sweeney Todd, I also saw a theatrical play called Well on Broadway while in New York. It is described as:

In Well, “a solo show with other people in it,” writer/performer Lisa Kron explores issues of health, family and community in relation to her mother’s struggle to heal a changing neighborhood.

This comedy was relatively funny with Kron drawing on her vast experience to deliver clever, well-timed lines. It’s the best meta-comedy show I’ve seen but then again I’m not a huge fan of the meta-theatrical category. Kron’s mother is really at the center of the show as she takes over the show from her daughter. It’s a comedy that sheds light on a number of issues but mostly reflects on the fact that it may be the “sickest” people that can make others well. The characters are well cast and bond quite tightly on a small stage. The set is interesting and, at times, a bit awkward but perhaps on purpose.

I like to do some more study of comedies since they are harder to pull off than one might think. I think it depends heavily on the script but even more importantly on the casting.

If you get a chance, go see Well if just to see something different than the usual.