A Course of Recourse, of course

With housing settled for next school year, I now have the pleasure of moving on to choosing classes yet again. Here are some of my possibilities:

  1. PSCI 201: International Politics
  2. ECON 255: Micro Theory (Intermediate) (A very mathematical class relying heavily on all that calculus I’ve learned)
  3. PSCI 304: International Politics and Economics (Probably best paired with Macro Theory)
  4. CHNS 101: Beginning Chinese (Meets 5 times a week)
  5. THEA 102: Beginning Acting (I miss it, god help me…)
  6. ARDV 116: The Creative Process (The alternate route out of acting but still “creative”…)
  7. ENVS 211: Conservation and Environmental Policy
  8. FMMC 236: Television and American Culture
  9. HIST 231: Imperial China