Google Calendar, Woah

I happened upon the new Google Calendar Beta, this evening. The tech community (not inclusive of me, of course…) has been waiting for this for a long time. So finally, Google has a calendar product to compete with Yahoo Calendar which has been around the block. The advantage for Google, however, is that it can skip a step in technology. Yahoo is busy transferring users from an old static page calendar to its new interactive AJAX interface (i.e. you don’t have to reload the page every time you want to change something).

The verdict: Google Calendar is what a Google product should be. Clean, simple, and easy to use. No ads…yet. It’s very slick and quick. I like it. I have yet to try out a key new feature, though: invitations. This “e-vite”-esque feature is not new but I can see it catching on outside the business community (via Outlook). I don’t know whether non-gmail/google users can accept invitations without becoming gmail/google users themselves. I will be giving it a try over the next few days. Check back to hear more!