Best Week Ever

I’ve never seen VH1’s Best Week Ever, not that I religiously watch the TV channel like so many do. So I don’t know what possessed me to attend such an event as a live version of it here on the campus of Middlebury College. I bought a ticket without any knowledge of what might be in store. I thought it might be a taping of it but it was actually just a tour version of the show that has the sole purpose of making money and generating viewership for the actual show.

Nothing of the sort would ever come to this small liberal arts school in the middle of nowhere unless there was a direct connection to the school. It turns out that one of the hosts is a Middlebury graduate. The first half of the show consists of individual stand-up comedy with about as many curse words as possible to please a college crowd. It was funny. The best localized (i.e. non-scripted) joke compared Middlebury to Candyland because everyone is so gosh darn happy here. The second half of the show is geared more toward what the TV show where the hosts poke fun at that week’s popular culture items. The problem with this show not being a taping, however, was that none of the material was fresh. All the video clips had been seen before, some dated back many months into the past summer. The hosts did try to open the floor up to roasting current events but with limited success.

Middlebury students must be starving for pop culture because the event was an outstanding success. Considering, rather uncomfortably I might add, I sat next to an older couple possibly from the town of Middlebury, I’d say anyone in the rural college town is looking, searching for anything exciting. Welcome to rural America, college edition.