Two Cents Blog-o-rama

I’ve been part of the San Francisco Chronicle‘s Two Cents since as far back as 2004. The objective of the very innovative Two Cents program is to get community input on issues pertinent to current events nationally and in the SF Bay Area. Some input is in the form of answers to questions that appear in the newspaper or on their website Some call this the question man format where short answers (50 words or less) along with a picture show up in the paper as seemingly random yet absolutely not random opinion polls. The whole system runs via email where us “correspondents” send in answers which are selectively chosen to run in the paper or on the website. I have submitted many answers in the past with the Chronicle running maybe ten or so of my answers. While I still receive these emails, I haven’t submitted a response in a long time. Two Cents also compiles anecdotal evidence for journalists to draw upon and to measure trends in opinions.

Yesterday, I received an email from Heidi Swillinger contacting me about a response I sent in a couple months ago while I was in China at Shantou University. I submitted information on my blog and what I blog about. I had completely forgotten about it but Heidi asked on behalf of Executive Director Phil Bronstein and Director Peter Negulescu if I would be interested in blogging for the SFChronicle/ site. While I am not at liberty to discuss the details, this is an exciting possibility to reinvigorate my blog and my blogging energies which have admittedly fallen to the wayside recently. Stay tuned for more info on this!