“Multicultural” Event

What is a “multicultural” event? I supposedly attended one last night here at Middlebury College but I am still confused as to what was named “The ALC Cultural Show.” Acts widely varied from a beauty-pageant-esque flag bearing ceremony of Latin American and Carribean countries to Native American dance to slam poetry gone awry to “feminist” monologues. That variety of cultures turns out to be the greatest downfall of the event. Although sponsored by Alianza Latinoamerica Carribean (ALC), it lacked any kind of focus making it neither education nor entertaining, which is in itself a delicate balance.

I believe more students should go to showcases like this put on by the ALC (and that the interest exists) but I can see why no one goes. The “performance” is not polished and organized. Students heavily attend professional cultural events such as COBU, a theatrical performance company combining Japanese Taiko drumming with tap dance. Student events need to have an expectation of high quality so the greater student body starts taking student performances seriously. I also hereby declare the abolishment of anything named a “multicultural event” opting instead for a focused approach to addressing specific facets of particular cultures in either an educational or entertainment setting.