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Several months ago I blogged about an organization called Donors Choose, a philanthropic non-profit dedicated to connecting donors to individual small funding proposals put forth by public school teachers. At the time, the organization was a finalist in the Nonprofit Innovation Competition. Guess what? They won. Amazon matched their fundraising efforts and Donors Choose took in over $1.5 Million.

Okay that’s old news. More recently, I received an email thanking me for posting about the competition and announcing the launch of Bloggers Choose. The idea behind the new project is to use the grassroots efforts of bloggers around the world to generate donations. I have set up a challenge to all readers of this blog to participate in funding music-based proposals in public schools. Take a look at my challenge page and choose a project you’d like to fund. I have set the goal low ($500) since I know that readership on the blog isn’t at its highest but please consider funding whatever you can. It’s a transparent way to see what exactly happens to the money you donate.

In other philanthropic news, Relay for Life is coming to a college campus near you. Helping to fund cancer research with the American Cancer Society, this is a huge event that takes place accross the country. The idea is to raise money and walk through the night around a track as part of teams. In particular, colleges are a huge part of the support base for the event. Here at Middlebury, recent estimates peg participation at one third of the school. Almost any other event has been cancelled for that night. If you haven’t already, join a team by checking out locations near you on the website!


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