Bank of College

Yes, I am a bank’s best college customer because I bank online, have stopped paper statements, keep my balance above a hundred dollars, and never come in to a branch. The cost to facilitate my needs are particularly low. I am not a grandma badgering the tellar nor am I calling in daily to check my balance nor do I write checks. Then again, I may not be the best customer since I don’t rack up fees left and right like many college students do. Overdrafts, minimum balances, ATM fees, etc. really add up for a bank. College students are particularly vulnerable for just not thinking when it comes to banking fees. The college market for banks is not the most lucrative but is still key partially because if one banks with a particular company in college, it’s likely he’ll bank with that company when he gets out of college.

In other related news, I clicked on my statement a few weeks ago to find a few extra charges made in South Carolina. Funny, I’ve never been to S. Carolina so I found it hard to believe that I withdrew money there. Apparently people ages 18-25 are the most likely to experience identity theft or bank fraud because of the sheer amount of online transactions they go through. I know I frequently pay for things online with a debit card. My advice: check your statements online or otherwise for charges that you didn’t authorize.