Croc Full of Nonsense

Now that the New York Times has picked up the Croc footwear trend, we can safely say that the water repelling, heat molding shoe is on its way out. I like the idea of choosing your own color (personalization) but let’s put another fad to rest. But wait, if more than just the teeney bopper market picked up on this trend (hint: grandmas are wearing these shoes too), does that mean they are here to stay? Maybe. Have we entered the era of comfort footwear? Merrell mocs have cropped up in the under-20 crowd and they make their mark in comfort and style. New Balance is selling tennis shoes like crazy but have failed to come up with a single gimmick like Nike’s shocks or Air Jordan Special Double Platinum Exclusive Edition High Tops. Of course, the eternal flip flop (do people really still call them thongs?) is always available for comfort too. If we truly have entered the era of thec comfort shoe, let us all rejoice for our aching bodies!

Speaking of trendy, let’s not forget the new Olsen-twin replacements: the Sprouses. Okay, so their name doesn’t roll off the tongue and it reminds you of bean sprouts but apparently they are the real deal. The power of the Disney Channel is really freaking me out here. Between these two and “High School Musical,” I don’t quite know what to think children today are growing up on.


One thought on “Croc Full of Nonsense”

  1. Wow, you must have known this would elicit a response from me…

    God, I hope we haven’t entered the “era of comfort footwear.” Unfortunately, I have yet to see a pair of shoes that is both stylish and comfortable. Of course, some of us are willing to suffer a little for vanity, but I don’t suppose it’s that common in Northern California. Crocs are hideous, by the way. I wouldn’t be caught dead in ugly shoes even if my feet were bleeding.

    Since when do you read the Style section?

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