Kabuki Blossoms

When it comes to movie theaters, I wasn’t fortunate enough to grow up on the single-screen local theater that charged $5 on a Friday afternoon. The closest thing San Francisco saw to that was maybe the Coronet on Geary until it closed. Instead, I grew up on the movie chain multiplex. In particular, Kabuki Theatre in San Francisco’s Japantown district was probably where I saw 80% of movies as a kid. So, I do hold it close to my heart (in that strange corporate way…).

AMC, the owner of the multiplex, has sold the Kabuki to Robert Redford’s Sundance Corp. as part of mega-merger deal with Loews Cinema. Does this mean lots of artsy films are bound for the Kabuki (only now found at the Embarcadero, Lumiere, Clay, and Opera Plaza)? Maybe. The contract proports that Sundance has to run first run movies until the year 2011. So at least the Kabuki won’t fall the wayside simply because it doesn’t have stadium seating.


One thought on “Kabuki Blossoms”

  1. I would’ve died if I had to rely on a single-screen local theater. You don’t get to see The Death of Mr. Lazarescu or Three Times or Sir! No Sir! when the theater only has one screen. Actually, to be honest, you don’t get to see any of those films if you don’t live in New York…

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