Google Notebook Does Web Notes

Google recently launched yet another web-based tool called Google Notebook. The idea is that while researching or simply just browsing the web, one wants to keep track of things, various tidbits to come back to. It’s often not enough to simply bookmark a site. A long web article with a particular quote would be hard to find without rereading the entire article. Enter: Google Notebook which attempts to help take notes on what you’re reading on the web. The idea is to copy and paste quotations (with transferrable hyperlinks) and enter in your own comments too. Google automatically saves the site address where you have copied from. You can maintain various notebooks for different subjects, keeping things organized. The program is an embedded extension available for Firefox 1.5.

My experience so far has been positive. I used Notebook in doing some research looking up terms for a Political Science final. I snipped quotations from various sites on the term “corporatism.” When I went to come up with my own definition for a study guide, I looked over what I had clipped and wrote a composite definition. Then when I wanted to cite where I came up with the material, Notebook led me directly back to the sites where I got the info. My experience has been particularly good especially in the academic sense. Instead of taking notes in Microsoft Word, the process is sped along by Google Notebook.