Pretty Fly for an “Asian” Guy

I’m finally back in San Francisco after four months of school at Middlebury. It’s definitely good to be home.

Unfortunately, my time is limited as I will be shipping out Guangzhou via Hong Kong on Wednesday morning. My trip to China will reunite me with my the production I put on with Shantou University during my fall semester off (ironically named the “Feb Semester” at Middlebury). I will be helping to tour the production off Pippin to Guangzhou for the school’s recruiting purposes. The thought of the tour is to generate interest in the up-and-coming university in China.

My itinerary goes something like this:

  • Fly in to Hong Kong and transfer to a train to Guangzhou.
  • Arrive in Guangzhou. Meet up with lighting and sound designers to check out the theater space. Design a plan of action for the production. Stay the night.
  • Speak at a press conference on the show.
  • Return to Shantou by plane and begin intensive rehearsals with the cast through the rest of the week. Work with tech crew.
  • Return to Guangzhou by bus/train and begin technical rehearsals in the theater.
  • Put on the show (multiple times?).
  • Return to Shantou.

It should be a whirlwind of craziness to tour this show mostly because I am only coming in at the last minute. Right now, I have rational expectations but almost have to bank on a miracle to pull this off considering the lack of real preparation for an event of this size an caliber. I think I’m tired now flying eight hours from Burlington to San Francisco through JFK. I surely will be tired come next week when this show goes up. I’m hoping the excitement and adreneline will keep me going.

Upon my return to Shantou after this production, I will be auditioning and training a chorus from the university to go compete in the 4th annual World Choir Games/Choir Olympics. I hate musical competitions but it sounds fun especially since it will be held in Xiamen, China. The competition will be held in mid-July with over 400 choirs with 20,000 singers from around the world. Unfortunately, I am only there to train the chorus, not to attend the event itself.

Happy summer!