The Storm Before the Quiet

I held a brief rehearsal today working on the finale. I want to keep things light so students can keep up with their school work. I also held a logistical informational meeting going over the itinerary and various important things to remember. In fact, I wrote up the itinerary this morning and how we didn’t have one before is beyond me. I am used to tours where itineraries are planned months in advance not days. David, the administrative go-to for Pippin, is swamped in ticketing (without a ticketing computer program), emails, and phone calls. You can barely talk to him for more than a sentence before being interrupted by a call, message, etc.

The sound designer from Hong Kong basically bailed on us and we’re looking for a new one. We’ll see who we get but right now I’m banking on our lighting designer’s recommendation, Clara from Hong Kong.

EDIT: We stayed up late working out the details with Clara. It came down to bargaining for stipend amount. I hate bargaining, I will be honest but David pushed it on me to be the bad guy when really I’m the one that would need to be good guy in the future. We worked it out with Clara but not after much pain. Bargaining is really common in China but less so in Hong Kong and the Western world. Why is that? Is it a cultural thing?